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Gunfighting is a life and death version of a chess game with gunshots. We will train you mentally, physically, and tactically to win it.

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Suarez Tactics

We live in a confusing, complex and dangerous world where the adversaries we face may as easily be simple criminals wanting your things, or they may be political, racial, or religious extremists bent on mass murder.

During my time in Law Enforcement, and in my International work I saw time and again that mental preparation, good tactics, and skill at arms made the absolute difference in sometimes unwinnable scenarios. The mission of Suarez Tactics is to train the good guys to stop those adversaries decisively, and absolutely with sound tactics and efficient skills.




Patreon hosts the blog and forum of Suarez Tactics. Suarez Tactics was developed by Gabriel Suarez to teach men and women how to prevail against the bad guys.  Whether facing a common robber or a terrorist bent on mass murder, we teach you the skills to defeat them, and as well to live a life of excellence.

At our patreon page we offer training, video, and compelling articles to enhance your warrior skills and lifestyle. This subscription ranges from $5 to $20 per month with discounted yearly rates, and gives all members access to our online forum as well.

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Trigger, Grip, & Recoil Control

Our only objective is to make our students better skilled and as dangerous to their adversaries as possible.  We are not bound by any “style” or “shooting system”.  The objective is simply to shoot the adversary as fast and as accurately as possible, repeatedly, while at the same time, not being shot by him.

Suarez Tactics

Why Train With Us

From the beginning, Gabriel Suarez has provided an alternative to the prevailing stand-and-deliver, square range based, competition-based approach to self-defense. Our methods are driven by three elements.



Step into the tactical universe of Suarez Tactics through our unique newsletter. As a leading gunfighting training provider, Suarez Tactics is synonymous with real-world defense and security training, equipping you with knowledge that’s immediately applicable in real-life situations. Our newsletter is a gateway to this dynamic world, offering you insights into our expertly designed strategies, upcoming training sessions, and safety tips – all tailored to enhance your skillset and preparedness for unforeseen circumstances.

Our newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming classes and new offerings, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to expand your tactical abilities. From introducing new training modules to spotlighting cutting-edge techniques, the Suarez Tactics newsletter makes sure you are at the forefront of advancements in gunfighting training. So, seize this opportunity to stay informed and tactically superior – sign up for the Suarez Tactics newsletter today.


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