Why Train at Suarez?

Why Us?

What Makes Us Different

From the beginning, Gabriel Suarez has provided an alternative to the prevailing stand-and-deliver, square range based, competition-based approach to self-defense. Our methods are driven by three elements: Reality Based, Student Focused, and Combat Proven.

“Reality-Based” means that our training courses are focused on what actually happens in a fight, and not on what happens in the controlled environment of the training site. We accept and adapt to the realities of the initiative in the fight and how to either keep it or snatch it from the adversary.

We know what happens in a fight. Whether with guns, knives, or fists, we’ve been there and seen it first-hand. Our training reflects the reality and ugliness of real world fighting to save your life or the lives of those important to you. Our training will help you succeed in such situations.

“Student Focused”. Our focus is solely to make you a better fighter for the real world battlefield. The focus is on you, your needs, and on making you a better fighter. At our classes, you will be treated with respect and courtesy…and you will hear the truth. We know that you are there to learn a life-saving skill. We are humbled and thankful that you have chosen to train with us and we will give you everything possible in the allotted time.

Additionally, our courses are not “restricted” to anyone (specifically focused on private citizens), and are open to all. Student Focused means we will give you the tools necessary to make you “the threat” to anyone who might intend to harm you or those for whom you are responsible. It won’t matter whether you have a weapon or not. You, yourself, will be the weapon!

“Combat Proven” means everything we teach has been proven in combat. Every member of our staff has their own experience and that adds to their teaching credibility. Whether full contact fighters, special operations, or law enforcement, all our staff are personally vetted by me to insure they represent our school with ability, and professionalism.

The stuff I teach you, and that my instructors teach you were not learned from a tape or a book. To the contrary, it was learned in the famous school of “hard knocks”, on the street, and paid for in blood.

The training that Suarez International provides, has its basis in the martial systems of both the east and the west, and both from the past and the present. Students are taught how to think as well as how to fight, and by extension, how to win a fight, not merely how to shoot at a “target”, or how to make a “technique” work in a matted “dojo”. We are committed to make you a better combatant. I hope you take a look at classes available and we hope to train with you very soon!

Gabriel Suarez – President

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