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About Suarez tactics

A Prescott, Arizona-based tactical weapons training and fighting expert.

Our History

Mr Suarez began teaching fighting skills in 1976 when he operated the Kyokushin Karate program at his local YMCA.  He spent many years honing his abilities as a full contact fighter in the “strongest karate”.  In 1986 he changed careers and joined the Police Department.  While there he worked Single Man Night Watch Patrol, and later Crime Impact, Gang Unit and SWAT as a Sniper and as an Assaulter.  He was involved in multiple critical incidents involving Active Shooter, In Progress Robberies and Gang Homicides.  In 1992 he was awarded the Police Medal of Valor for a gunfight against three armed robbery-homicide suspects.
After his police career he founded Suarez International, and travelled and consulted internationally in Europe, Central and South America and Africa, among other places.
Suarez Tactics is his newest venture.  Designed from the ground up as a training and consulting organization,  focused solely on developing the art of tactics and gunfighting, as well as teaching those things to our students.


Our mission is to refine and develop the art of American Gunfighting to its highest level, and then deliver that information via our training to every student.  We want to equip the “good people” to respond to and eliminate any deadly threat with skill, efficiency, and a coolness of mind.


Our vision is to dramatically reduce the possibility of success that our adversaries, whether common street robbers, terrorists, or mass killers, currently enjoy.

CZ75 Series of Pistols

Hammer Management

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