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This book was originally written ten years ago.  I have revised and reworded a few areas to account for modern issues.  As I reviewed it it was astounding how true to form all the new events have been, as well as how many have yet to understand the different paradigm that exists and differentiates this from a common self-defense event.

The active shooter/mass killing has become a regular thing…some sort of terrorist, extremist, or simple psycho deciding to go out and make a statement about their world view by killing others en mass.

In a perfect world, we would know about their plans and stop them before they ever got started.  In a perfect world, neither terrorists, extremists, nor simple psychos would be able to get weapons much less could deploy them. We could go on about that mythical perfect world, but to what end?  Such a world does not and will never exist so we must take steps to solve the problem when we find ourselves at ground zero and receive the tap on the shoulder to do that very special thing, and change history.

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