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The Combative Perspective (Original Paladin Book)


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In 2018 I began a serious push to integrate martial art principles into the Gunfighting System that I was teaching. Those principles had always been there, but now I wanted to acknowledge them publicly and distinguish my system from the marksmanship, shooting range based, methods taught everywhere else. With the help of senior staff members we developed a series of pistol kata.
We taught them publicly in class and published video of them. In essence planting our flag into an undiscovered country of “karate gunfighting”. The national love affair with fear, communism and self-destruction derailed those plans for nearly two years. But now we have taken up this project anew and produced this book. The 13 Precepts of the Suarez System.




91 Pages

Author's Comments

This book is excellent and will be a classic. It lays out the important stuff…not a book about techniques but a book about ideas. How to think and how to look at the world, how to think about your training, how to separate the wheat from the chafe when looking at the problem of gunfighting.

It’s not complicated, but it is deep. I hope the book does well because it is the foundational ideas of the Suarez system.


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